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Conditions Treated

Thyroid and Adrenal health

Suboptimal thyroid functioning can include symptoms like; feeling tired , weak and constipated, gaining weight, depressed, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, dry skin and hair and hair loss, low libido, impaired fertility and menstrual problems.

Our doctors will identify what role your thyroid gland is playing in the way you are feeling. They will also identify the nutrients and co-factors required for optimal thyroid hormone production. With clinical testing, we can refer to ideal reference ranges and diagnose clinical and subclinical thyroid disease. We can then advise on pharmaceutical, nutritional, environmental and dietary strategies for treatment of thyroid disease, for enhanced outcomes and safety.

Stress (physical and emotional) can have devastating effects on the hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal (HPA axis) producing excess or not enough cortisol. Many mental health conditions are associated with and abnormal HPA axis including depression, anorexia, OCD, PTSD and panic attacks. Other associated conditions include hyper and hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. There are not only conventional, but also functional lab tests to identify the problem. Our doctors will apply clinical knowledge of common environmental and nutritional factors that can contribute to HPA axis dysfunction and will develop a holistic protocol to address this issue.

Gastrointestinal Conditions

Hippocrates stated “all disease begins in the gut” and we are now realising how true this is. The Gut microbiome has been linked to many medical conditions including autoimmunity, allergies, cancer,  mental health, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and neuroinflammatory conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s dementia to name a few.

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Our doctors will always identify the role of nutrition and environmental influences on GIT conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), chronic constipation, coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity. Clinical and functional lab tests may be used to help identify abnormalities of digestion, the intestinal barrier (leaky gut) and the microbiome and what effects these are having on the immune system and the brain. Appropriate holistic treatment strategies will of course be applied.

Dr Mehmet is a SIBO trained doctor.

Metabolic conditions; Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease is the major killer in today’s society. Obesity is the major risk factor. Cholesterol and blood pressure are only part of the picture. These processes are driven by inflammation. What is your real cardiovascular risk? Type 2 diabetes is often a reversible condition.

Our doctors can help you address lifestyle issues and may suggest appropriate supplements to help you lose weight and reduce your cardiovascular risk.  Our ultimate goal is to get you safely off medication whenever possible.

Women’s Health

Our doctors approach conditions like polycystic ovaries, premenstrual tension, Endometriosis, Infertility, Pregnancy, Perimenopause and Menopause from a nutrition and environmental perspective. Women’s hormones in particular must be playing in tune in order to feel well and achieve optimal health. There may not be a magic hormone or combination of hormones that can be indiscriminately used by all women.

Each woman is an individual and hormonal balance must be the ultimate goal for all women. Besides the obvious period irregularities hormonal imbalance can also lead to weight gain, mental health issues, skin problems, insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hormone dependent cancers. Besides hormonal therapies, we may also use herbal and nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice as well as tailor made BIOIDENTICAL hormones to correct imbalances.

Children’s health

A healthy child is less likely to get chronic disease in adulthood. Our doctors are more than eager to manage and support challenging conditions such as ADHD, autism, allergies, recurrent infection, chronic fatigue in children, child and adolescent mental health, and obesity in childhood. Epigenetics, gut health, detoxification, immune health and chronic infections, food allergies and intolerances, mitochondrial energy production, heavy metals and antioxidants all have crucial roles to play in children’s health.

Dr Mehmet has trained with the MINDD foundation.

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Mental Health

Our approach to mental health is from a biomedical perspective. Nutrition and diet plays a major role in mental health. Our experienced doctors will assess all the factors involved in a mental health disorder including the HPA axis, obvious and basic nutritional deficiencies or excesses, possible medical causes of the disorder, hormonal imbalances, Chronic infection and inflammation, gut health , Heavy metal or other environmental toxins, oxidative stress and Methylation Issues.

Dr Mehmet is trained in Biobalance brain biochemistry with Dr Bill Walsh.

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Allergy Autoimmune diseases and Dermatology

The role of diet, gut and epigenetics will be are assessed by our trained practitioners. Conditions include urticaria, anaphylaxis, eczema, rhinitis, asthma, food intolerance and inhalant allergy.

Neuroinflammatory conditions

Neuroinflammatory disorders are the chronic conditions involving damage to the nervous system by the body’s own immune response. Conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease fall into this category. Our doctors employ evidence based treatment options to protect the blood brain barrier, pathology testing and dietary interventions when treating this disorder.

Intravenous Vitamins

We offer:

  • Vitamin C
  • B complex
  • Magnesium
  • B12 injections
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Myers Cocktail (Vit C, Magnesium, B complex)

Possible benefits include:

  • Improved overall wellness
  • Improved Energy levels
  • Rehydration
  • Immune support
  • Fast and effective Vitamin Replenishment
  • Detoxification
  • Tissue recovery

Please note we do not BOOK IV infusions without first consulting with doctor who will determine if you are suitable.