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Inanch Mehmet

Dr Mehmet graduated from the University of New South Wales in medicine and surgery in 1998. In 2003 he obtained a fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He is a fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

He is an experienced general practitioner who has directed medical practices in the past. Currently he is located in the heart of Liverpool, Sydney.

More recently he has focused his attention on integrative nutritional and environmental medicine because he believes that while mainstream medicine is effective in the treatment of acute problems , chronic problems require more of the practitioners time, are more complex and requires treatment of the whole person not just the disease.

In 2017 he founded Complete Nutritional Medicine integrative and wellness clinic.

He has undertaken training with:

  • The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)
  • The Walsh Research Institute Medical Practitioner Education Program training in the Pfeiffer Protocol for autism spectrum disorders, behavior disorders, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and neurodegenerative disorders 2018
  • The Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive, Developmental (MINDD) Foundation training.

The additional training in this type of medicine is of course ongoing and Dr Mehmet is constantly upgrading his knowledge with the latest study findings.

Special Interests:

All aspects of Integrative medicine including but not limited to;

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Allergies
  • Skin problems
  • IBS and gut problems
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity and weight loss
  • Thyroid
  • Adrenal and fatigue
  • Mental health problems (including Pfeiffer technique)
  • Women’s health and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Men’s health
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer support

You do not need a referral to be seen however you will need an appointment. Simply ask reception to make an appointment with Dr Inanch Mehmet in his Liverpool, Sydney clinic.

Dr Mehmet is not trained in LYME disease treatment.


Megan Dincer

As a fully qualified Holistic Personal Trainer, Megan’s goal is to educate and put into practise for her clients a plan to create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable long term.

Every person has different goals, work commitments, family and home life, fitness levels and ability to commit to change. So because no two clients are the same, no two programs are the same. Every program is customised to your personal lifestyle, fitness level, goals and abilities.

Megan works hand in hand with her clinics Integrative Doctor to cater the most suitable meal plans and training programs for her clients.

This unique collaboration is hard to come by, when your PT works DIRECTLY with Integrative Doctor.

A lot of clients come to Megan feeling frustrated, confused and ready to give up. Unsure what they’re doing wrong or overwhelmed with all the contradicting information out there.

Megan finds what usually happens is that people bounce from one diet or training program to the next thinking “this is the one”, that it’s going to answer all their questions and fix their problems.

And it doesn’t and you end up putting all the weight back on - because some of these diets just aren’t sustainable and you’re not really sure if the training program is right for you, or whether you’re doing the exercises correctly. So soon enough, you lose motivation and give up.

WHAT CN Wellness & PT WILL DO;

Megan’s goal is to show clients how to start losing weight and gaining muscle from the very first session. You will get results in the first week if you follow the plan that is set by our clinic. Education is key to change once you understand from a medical and physical point how your body works you will be equipped with the tools to change and maintain changes for the rest of your life.

Megan supports her clients with one-on-one personal training focusing on your personal fitness goals. It’s not just about training week-to-week with no specific goals, she specialising in overall fitness, strength and functional training, building strength and using correct technique to maximise fat loss and results. Over all lifestyle changes are a priority. All Patient files are reviewed by our Integrative Doctor to ensure our clients are getting the best out of their programs. Where else can you get your personal trainer and your doctor working together?


All fitness levels welcome. Training sessions are adapted to whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced.

* Personalised training program to suit YOUR goals
* Personal macro nutrients calculation & nutrition guidance
* SMS and phone support- accountability coaching daily or weekly
* Fortnightly weigh-in and measurements
* Progress photos
* Patient file sharing with Integrative doctor. Input from a doctor on meal plans Marcos to suit age and weight. Be on the same page as your doctor.

Contact her for an obligation free chat about how she can change your life. Located in Liverpool, Sydney.


Certificate 3 & 4 Personal training FIA Fitnation, Certificate 3 Commercial Cookery TAFE NSW, BBus (marketing) UWS, Advanced First Aid accredited.

Chantal Khoury

Chantal Khoury

Chantal, an Empowerment Practitioner & Coach whose passion lies in empowering you to become unstuck and reclaim your personal power within so that you can show up as the best version of yourself to live life authentically, on purpose and by design.

After reclaiming physical health for her family including herself through nutritional medicine, there was still an empty feeling, like something was missing, and this empty feeling led her to a journey within. A journey that took Chantal on a path to discovering the truth of who she was and the power of her mind, but more importantly how to use it to it’s fullest potential. This same potential exists in each and everyone. It is not something we are taught anywhere.

It is her mission to inspire and empower as many families as possible to tap into their unlimited power within to live a life of design, so that our younger generation can have a fighting chance in this FAST modern-day world.

Chantal’s coaching approach is holistic in nature and meets you where you are at, but it also cuts to straight to the ROOT cause in mind, therefore she is not your typical Life Coach wasting time just trying to facilitate change at the behaviour level. Mind is Life!

We are born creators and creating our realities ALL THE TIME, albeit unconsciously, why not make it conscious and become the CEO of your life?

An Empowerment Practitioner & Coach can help you:

· Identify and change mindset blocks that are holding you back

· Improve self esteem and self worth

· Increase self confidence

· Change unwanted behaviours and habits

· Access & build inner resourceful emotions to achieve and maintain desired results

· Eliminate unhelpful patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour

· Boost your personal success any area of life to do even better

Some of the benefits of working with an Empowerment Practitioner & Coach include the following, but limited to:

· Increased focus day to day, therefore increasing productivity

· Feelings of inner calm, confidence and resilience

· Better relationship and deeper connection with oneself and loved ones.

· Revitalised, energised and presence day to day.

· Achieve long standing goals and desires

· Overall sense of true self with confidence to navigate life’s challenges.

Chantal has undertaken the following training:

· Accredited Certificate of Nutrition – Cadence Health Australia

· Certificate of Childhood Diet & Nutrition – Cadence Health Australia

· Level 1 & 2 Wellness Coaching – Wellness Coaching Australia

· Licensed to facilitate and use Real Healthy Kids workshop resources

· The Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive, Developmental (MINDD) Foundation Health Coach training

· Clinical Evidence Based EFT Practitioner

· NLP Practitioner

· Bachelor of Computer Science – UWS

In addition to the above, Chantal remains a constant student of life and is forever expanding her knowledge. Whilst we cannot control the events and circumstances, we are fully responsible for how we respond to them. Book in for a free 20min chat to learn how you can life a thriving fulfilling life EVERYDAY.

Contact our Liverpool clinic for more information.



Katarina Mitrovic

Katarina is a fully qualified Nutritionist willing to pay special attention to understand her client’s health needs and goals. She is dedicated to providing practical nutritional and lifestyle advice that will inspire and help her clients reach their health goals. Katarina appreciates that everyone is different and provides individualised strategies for achieving success and a lasting change. Her main focus is identifying and addressing underlying causes of ill health and promoting wellness and preventative medicine. Katarina encourages and models that eating nutritious food and keeping fit and healthy should be a high priority. When we are healthy and vibrant anything can be achieved. Katarina believes that our body is our main asset and that it should be nurtured continuously so we can enjoy its amazing capabilities for years to come. 

Special Interests;

Katarina has a special interest in family health.  She is passionate about helping create a healthy family by supporting and empowering mums to enhance their well-being and consequently the well-being of the whole family. Healthy Mum - Healthy Family - Healthy Future. As a mum herself, Katarina has unique insight to challenges women face from going through pregnancy and birth, the worries being a new parent brings, and joys of parenthood from there onward. For most women, once they have kids, the focus shifts to nurturing the kids and the family, and unfortunately, far too often neglecting their own health. Katarina is on a mission to make a positive difference to health of mum's and their families. 


As a holistic functional nutritionist, Katarina takes time and special effort to understand her clients, their health issues and goals as well as their unique circumstances. She incorporates variety of screening and functional pathology tests as well as extensive research to seek out underlying issues contributing to ill health. This client centred approach is fundamental for achieving a lasting success. Using primarily food as medicine, evidence based quality supplemental nutrients and her skill and experience to advise on lifestyle suggestions Katarina can help you achieve optimal health as well as aid healing in wide range of health conditions. She has a sound knowledge in wide aspects of health and nutrition including, correcting malnutrition, optimising digestion, maintaining optimal energy levels, supporting optimal weight, assisting detoxification, supporting blood sugar regulation, as well as helping clients normalise their metabolic dis-regulations.

Katarina has undertaken the following training

Katarina completed an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine at Nature Care College, one of the most reputable Natural Therapy colleges in Sydney.  She is an accredited member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society and a recipient of Metagenics Excellence in Nutrition award. Katarina is Qualified in VLA body composition & cellular health analysis. She is motivated and always striving to further her knowledge in the field of Complementary Medicine through continuous learning. 

Contact our Liverpool clinic for more information.

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